FREE Consumer Report Guide Reveals...
FREE Consumer Report Guide Reveals...

Secrets to Moving Sale Horses out of Your Barn Faster to Make More Money.

Top 5 Website Secrets To Selling Horses Faster That Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know!

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Top 5 Website Secrets to Selling Horses Faster That Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Know!

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Just Imagine...
  • Buying high-caliber horses for you and your family and watching your kids win!
  • Pulling in with a brand new, shiny, truck and trailer that people will stop, turn around, and be envious of!
  • Sleeping soundly every night without the heavy burden of trying to decide who to pay this month... Vet or Farrier?
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Inaction Leads Nowhere!

The Horse Business is NOT Easy. We know.

The horse business is a tough deal. I know, we have been there and struggled too. Our website was our saving grace and at one time we actually made more money buying and selling horses than we did building websites!

So, why are we not raising, showing, buying, and selling horses? Simple, the kids moved on and it just was not fun for us anymore. This is why we made the gut-wrenching decision to sell our ranch and devote our time to our website business, This is where we can use our experience, in both the horse industry AND the website industry to help folks like you.

Until we figured out the system to selling horses with our website, we lost sleep over things in this order:
  • Paying all the bills on time.
     We began selling horses faster and for more money and that worry went away.  

  • ​Buying better horses for us and more importantly for our kids to show.
    As we upgraded our horses through sales, that became a reality!  Both our kids earned thousands of dollars in scholarships showing horses!  Plus, learning that just because you have a high powered horse, does not mean you can loaf.  It still takes LOTS of hard work to be successful.
  • What we thought others thought of us: 
    Yep, shallow, I know.  But as you know, your overall appearance, your horses, your truck, your tack, your trailer, your clothes ALL make a difference.  Not just when showing, but in the perception of your overall program. That leads to higher prices for your horses as competition from buyers heats up.

    We bought a brand new GMC Dually with a Laredo Conversions package (a long time customer btw!) and an enourmous 4 horse trailer with a huge slide out from Triple M Trailers (also a long time customer!). We put our Big Sky Internet Design logo all over it and when people saw it, they took notice! It still gives me goosebumps thinking about that.
Tom Cutting
Tom Bruch
Big Sky Internet Design
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