“Moving My Sale Horses is So Quick and Easy!”
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Horse Owners, do ANY of these sound familiar?
  • Panic attacks looking at that pile of bills?
  • Embarrassment watching your family and kids trying to show crappy horses?
  • Shame driving into the event in that old truck and trailer?
  • Envy of your friends going on dream vacations?
Learn how to quickly sell your sale horses faster with my 
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Do Know Anyone Like Betty?

Too Many Bills Betty

Here I am again, sitting at my desk in the dark, other than my desk lamp, with the pile of bills. Benji and Emma have done their homework and have been in bed for hours. Jim is drinking his second beer after coming in from the barn, exhausted after another 14 hour day. All he has to worry about are training the horses, kissing up to the women customers who come for riding lessons, and mowing pastures on pretty evenings.  

Me, I have all the behind-the-scenes dirty work. Hire a stall cleaner, for the 100th time, figure out how to update the old website with all our horses for sale, schedule the vet and the farrier, do all the accounting, and now the part that makes me physically sick, try to figure out who I am going to pay this month.

We have to have the truck and trailer that we paid WAY too much for, so we can roll into the horse show like we own the place, so those two get paid.  

I can put off the hay man for a month if we don’t feed as much hay.  

The mortgage is a must too. Liability insurance is crazy, but we have to have that. Bare minimums on all the credit cards.

Shavings and feed are tougher to stretch, but somehow when I clean the stalls and feed the horses, we don't use as much. I need to get out to the barn more...

Course, feeding the family is a must, but tuna and hamburger helper are my friends. Emma and Benji grow out of their shirts, boots and jeans so fast and those are so expensive. The same goes for me, I have to show off my jewelry and designer jeans and boots and Lord knows, I have to have a different outfit for each show. Jim, well, he is not picky as long as I starch his jeans, shirts, and replace those shirts when the collar gets worn.    

We gotta look successful to attract new customers. We have to look the part when we go to the horse shows, so we can't skimp there. 

If we could just sell more horses faster and easier, all this nightmare would be over.

'Too Many Bills Betty'
Have you ever felt like Betty? Ever felt like here we go again? The bills never stop coming in and NEVER get smaller. I totally remember figuring out who I was actually going to be able to pay this month or sending a partial payment hoping they would understand. Ever been there? I think most of us have at one point or another.  

Tom Cutting
Tom Bruch
Will Rogers Arena
Fort Worth, Texas
Inaction Leads Nowhere!

The Horse Business is NOT Easy. We know.

The horse business is a tough deal. I know, we have been there and struggled too. Our website was our saving grace and at one time we actually made more money buying and selling horses than we did building websites!

So, why are we not raising, showing, buying, and selling horses? Simple, the kids moved on and it just was not fun for us anymore. This is why we made the gut-wrenching decision to sell our ranch and devote our time to our website business, This is where we can use our experience, in both the horse industry AND the website industry to help folks like you.

Until we figured out the system to selling horses with our website, we lost sleep over things in this order:
  • Paying all the bills on time.
     We began selling horses faster and for more money and that worry went away.  

  • ​Buying better horses for us and more importantly for our kids to show.
    As we upgraded our horses through sales, that became a reality!  Both our kids earned thousands of dollars in scholarships showing horses!  Plus, learning that just because you have a high powered horse, does not mean you can loaf.  It still takes LOTS of hard work to be successful.
  • What we thought others thought of us: 
    Yep, shallow, I know.  But as you know, your overall appearance, your horses, your truck, your tack, your trailer, your clothes ALL make a difference.  Not just when showing, but in the perception of your overall program. That leads to higher prices for your horses as competition from buyers heats up.

    We bought a brand new GMC Dually with a Laredo Conversions package (a long time customer btw!) and an enourmous 4 horse trailer with a huge slide out from Triple M Trailers (also a long time customer!). We put our Big Sky Internet Design logo all over it and when people saw it, they took notice! It still gives me goosebumps thinking about that.
  • Taking a Real Vacation:
    Finally we were able to hit the Beach in Cancun, Mexico and get quality time together.  We called it 'Tom and Carrie Time'!  Reconnection and Renewal.
Tom Cutting
Tom Bruch
Big Sky Internet Design
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